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New grandma status

I guess the “new” term is no longer so new, given this friend became a grandma back in the fall. But maybe because it’s her first time being a grandma, the “new” term can stretch a bit longer. All I know is, she is loving being a grandma (and who wouldn’t?). I still haven’t met the new baby girl; hopefully soon, because I loveeeeeee babies!

I made this card for her, in celebration of her new grandma status. I don’t think these fox and friends need much of an intro as I’ve raved about them in a previous post. Congrats again Rashmi — enjoy every moment of being a grandma!

rashmi-grandma  rashmi-grandma-closeup

Fox and friends

Fox and friends is my favourite baby stamp set. The animals are so cute and versatile and well… that’s all I need with this set. To be honest, this set can be used for kids and adults too! And to be honest honest, I searched high and low for this. This set is from the company Stampin’ Up (a lot of my stuff is exclusively from them) and given this is a retired product (meaning you can’t readily buy or find it anymore; it has been a couple years), it was super hard to find. I would always look for it on Craigslist, through Googling in general and even going as far as eBay. I’ve never bought anything from eBay before but I was very successful at being the highest bidder — with my friend’s help of course. She has an account so I’m super grateful she helped me land it. Then, it was off to the Blaine border (with G in tow, of course) to get the stamps b/c the seller only ships to the US. Well worth the effort on eBay and the drive to the states. Thanks Michelle and G!

So, I made these baby cards for my good friends, Niraj and Poonam, to give to their friends. The blue was clearly for a new baby boy. And the yellow and green — can you guess? It’s a surprise! When one doesn’t know the gender of the new bundle of joy, these two colours always seem to be a safe bet. Do you have a favourite? I also made a pink version and will post that one up soon.

baby-boy  baby-boy-closeup
neutral-baby  neutral-baby-closeup

I do

Ok, I think this might be the last of the wedding cards for this year. I may have one more left hiding somewhere, but my next few posts after this will probably be non-wedding ones.

I’m not sure if this card has been given out yet as I made it for a friend to give to her friend. Although the first picture shows the card as a whole, I really like the second shot b/c it shows the dimensions on the card. From the ribbon to the flower buttons to the raised-up mosaics. And the last shot is a little sentiment on the inside of the card (see, I’m already incorporating more cards with a little little something on the inside!).

shirley-wedding1  shirley-wedding2  shirley-wedding3

Mr & Mrs

Well, I guess soon is the next day. So, here it is — the purple version! This, I know, was requested from a friend. She used it for her friend’s wedding. It’s exactly the same design as the red one, with very minor differences. With this one though, I remembered to get shots of the inside. I’ve been trying to add a little something to the inside of my cards to give it that extra touch. It also gives the card some continuity by having something inside and out. I’ve also wanted to stretch that continuity to the envelopes. I know a lot of crafters have already been doing this (stamping the inside and the envelope) for some time, so I’m merely catching up! I hope your friend liked this card, Wendy.

wendy-wedding-friend1  wendy-wedding-friend2

wendy-wedding-friend4  wendy-wedding-friend3

Walking down the aisle

Continuing on the wedding theme (from the summer that just passed), I made several cards for one bride and groom, when they got married back in August. Victoria is the daughter of a long-time couple friend of my parents. I must admit though, I made several wedding cards around this time, and I really can’t remember if these were the two cards G and I, and my parents gave her. I’m quite sure they are, but I’m also not 100% sure. In any case, I’m still sharing them with you on my blog here. Because I obviously made them for someone, haha… I also made a third wedding card for another family friend who was also attending, but I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take pictures of that card before I gave it to her.

The first is a pair of penguins. Aren’t they just the cutest? They’re made from the same punch as these owls. VERY versatile punch — I know I’ve mentioned that before. The penguins are a clean, simple design. But don’t let its simple look deceive you. It actually takes a bit of time to piece all the penguin pieces together, especially since many of them are quite small. Do you like the penguins or the owls better? I’m bias to penguins, so they win over me any day!

The red patterned one is more fancy, or at least the pattern makes it fancy. The brown pattern is actually a transparent overlay. I paired it with a bunch of stuff to make it even prettier — tied ribbon, a pin with some pearls and beads, some gems on the left, a heart for dimension. I will be posting a purple version of this soon.

victoria-wedding1  victoria-wedding2
victoria-wedding3  victoria-wedding4

A true love story never ends

Within a few weeks of Val’s baby shower was another celebration. This time, it was my boss. She was getting married in mid-September. So naturally, my partner-in-crime Tolley (first name is actually Rhonda, but I like the sound of her last name, so that’s my nickname for her; she’s fully aware!) and myself threw a surprise party. While we spearheaded the festivities, some kudos goes out to our little helpers too.

Since it was a surprise, we had to think of something conniving to get my boss to the board room (where the party was held) without her knowing. Actually, I didn’t have a plan. I simply scheduled her party at the same time as my weekly meeting with her so she wouldn’t suspect anything. When my meeting would start, I was just going to bring her into the board room, not really knowing what I would say exactly. But mom and G convinced me to get David (Lori’s boss) to “tell her” that there was an impromptu meeting with the big boss (aka. the president and CEO) instead. That worked VERY well. Kudos to David for taking on this task last minute. Talk about thinking of a scheme of the fly! While all of us waited patiently in the board room, not knowing when exactly Lori and David would show up, the wait was definitely worth it. When they finally arrived, Lori’s reaction was positively PRICELESS! I wish I had gotten better pictures (they turned out blurry, boooo). She was totally surprised and didn’t suspect A THING!

This is the card I made for everyone to sign. I’m pretty sure she liked it!

Congrats again Lori, on this milestone of yours. I wish you and Lorne all the happiness in the world.

lori-wedding1  lori-wedding2  lori-wedding3